Community Cats

Do you see or feed cats in your neighborhood?
Cats with no particular home or owner?
These are San Francisco's Community Cats.

The easiest and most effective way to control the cat population is to spay and neuter, and monitor populations.

  • The population stabilizes; no more kittens.
  • The behaviors associated with mating, such and yowling and fighting, cease.
  • Community Cats are vaccinated before being returned to their outdoor homes.

The SF SPCA spays and neuters San Francisco's community cats for free. Whether you are an experienced feral cat advocate, or need assistance getting started, we can help. We offer advice and assistance in managing a community cat colony – just give us a call or email us.

Interested in volunteering with our program?  Volunteers play many roles, from assisting in the office to training and educating the community on TNR, providing recovery assistance in their home, and so much more.  To get involved, visit our Volunteer Services page or drop us an email.  

(415) 522-3539


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